About Industrispik Linan

We specialize in the manufacture of industrial pallet nails for pallet and packaging industry. Based on our customers needs we recommend and serie produce suitable nails.

Industrispik Linan AB was founded in 1987 by AB Gyllsjö Träindustri. At that time, the market was divided between different pallet nail manufacturers and Gyllsjö thought that the nail prices were too high and the quality was low. So when a small nail factory was for sale Gyllsjö bought the company and began production of nails for her own pallet production.

Nailing machines were moved to Åstorp, about 20 km from the parent company. It was not long before the production was so great that Industrispik Linan could sell pallet nails to other pallet manufacturers too. Today, Industrispik Linan has about 20 different pallet manufacturers as customers.



Pallet Nail production is made from ore based steel to ensure that the quality is so high and uniform as possible.

Over the years we have expanded our production with new and more efficient machines and currently has six production lines.

We have the capacity to produce 480 million nails or 1,500 tons of pallets nails per year, in sizes from Ø 2,5 x 35 mm to Ø 3.7 x 100 mm.