Welcome to Industrispik Linan

We are a leading manufacturer of pallet and packaging nails for industrial use. We have specialized in manufacturing high-quality and certified pallet nails to the EUR-pallet (SIS 251).

Now we are the only company in the Nordic region to deliver certified, round, smooth nails 53×2.8, approved by Det Norske Veritas / Green Cargo for use in the manufacture or repair of an approved EUR pallets.  

With our modern production facility we are well positioned to deliver large quantities of nails in a short time. We can help you with good advice about the nail that fits your application.


Do you need large quantities of high-quality nails?

The specialist in pallet nails and packaging nails.

We have more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing pallets and packaging nails. With high-quality nail from Industrispik Linan, you don’t risk any unnecessary downtime.


Large volumes to demanding customers

With six production lines, we have the capability to manufacture large volumes quickly. Onve the years we have expanded our production with new and more efficient machines and currently has the capacity to produce 480 millon nails per year.

Here is a short video showing our production:
If you have questions or concerns?
Then you are welcome to call us at +46 42 515 55.

Ore-based pallet nails

We only use the ore based steel in our nails, ie without recycled scrap. This maximizes the nail quality and minimizes downtime in your production.


Annular ring shanks

Annular ring shanks have a high withdrawal resistance due to the threading of the shank.

Round smooth nails

Round smooth nails have a good shear and is used mainly in the wood pallet industry.